Sunday, January 06, 2008

Tomorrow is THE day!

Feeling really surreal tonight, it is so weird *knowing* that tomorrow the baby will be born. We have had loads of lovely messages \ e mails and texts from people wishing us well which is so nice.

Just had to post this picture taken by the wonderful Kirsty Wiseman when she came to do a workshop at our retreat.

I felt like I had an enormous bump then but compared to it now it looks quite small!!! This pregnancy has been way more uncomfortable than the last (probably due to having to run round after a toddler as well but I really quite like my bump and will be sad to lose it - of course I *won't* lose the bump altogether but once the baby is born it will stop being a lovely pregnancy bump and start being yucky old belly that needs to be lost pronto!!!!


Anonymous ria979902 said...

Wishing you all the best for tomorrow Mel & family.
Sending lots of love & best wishes

11:17 pm  

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