Friday, September 07, 2007

Our News...

OK so I have been a bit sneaky and have been keeping our news under wraps for a while because it makes the time pass quicker but I thought I ought to introduce the newest member of our family - due in January 2008!

This is my 20 weeks scan from Monday just gone (although i will be 22 weeks at the weekend) In our local hospital they will not tell you whether it is a boy or girl although you can pay for a private scan to find out. We are not going to though as a surprise is nice at the end of it all :) We are working on the basis that if we have a girl then we have loads of girl things already and if we have a boy we have one of each then - which ever it is we are happy.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Holiday Pics

A Few Isle of Wight Photos, some from Arreton Barns Craft Centre, the park, the Donkey Sanctuary and one of Izzy and Libby Libby eating ice cream on the least sunny day we were there!...

Monday, September 03, 2007

Home Again!

Well we took the opportunity to pop over to the Isle of Wight for a 5 day mini break staying with family last week. We had a great time and by this summers standards the weather was very kind to us! Whilst it wasn't glorious sunshine we didn't get rained on at all and it was only overcast on one day.

i went to the Isle of Wight every summer as a child as Mum and I used to go and stay with my Gran so I have hundreds of very happy memories of the place. Of course I have a memory card full of photos which I will post shortly but we didn't get back til early evening on Friday, I was due to go out for my monthly meal with friends so rushed off to that and then on Saturday I spent the time looking after Izzy Whizz and then went over to Mums to stay the night and get ready for the craft fair we went to at Hintlesham on Sunday. In amongst all that i haven't had time to upload and edit the photos from the Isle of Wight yet but I will do that soon!

Today is quite a busy day and very exciting! I will post more about that later or tomorrow when i have added the Isle of Wight pictures!
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