Sunday, April 30, 2006


So Lorraine from Scrapagogo tagged me..

Five things in your fridge
Remains of tonights Yorkshire pudding batter for bank holiday pancakes mmmm
Diet Coke and Diet Cherry Coke (normal for me cherry for DH)
French Dressing - why eat healthy stuff without giving it some flavour first?
Mushed up Roast Dinner - Isabelles lunch tomorrow.
Soothing Eye Gel Mask thingy (never sees the light of day but it looks pretty on the fridge shelf!

Five things in your Car
Would probably be easier to list five things not in my car as DH says I could live in it for at least a month but...
CDs Varying from Elextric Six to Metallica to Nursery Rhymes to Madonna!
Not so sticky baby car seat as it is new
A Herma Refill Permanant (fell out my pocket - every time I see it I think ooohh must take that back in the house to the craft room)
My mobile phone (with a big sign on saying "Break into this car and nick me!")
Bottle of water

Five things in your bag
Credit Cards
Old Till Receipts
Chewing Gum
Computers for Schools Vouchers
Sherbet Lemon

Five things you would sky plus
Desperate Housewives
Life On Mars

5 things in your wardrobe
A Tub of Raspberry Leaf Tea Capsules
Football Scarves and Shirts
Airline Sized Hand Luggage
And I am sure there were some clothes there somewhere!

send to 5 0thers as well
Oh well - do I hjave to say who here? I will think about who to tag and then edit the post! I can't think under pressure! Actually that is a lie as I am so much more efficient and effective under pressure just not right now as I am soooooo tired.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Meet Mojo

Well after a girls night out my originality is severely lacking so when I wandered over to Clares blog this morning and saw her new adopted animal then i just had to have one (after all it Clare and Jaffne have one then forget pink and brown All My Memories Totes, an adopted cyber blog pet is obviously this seasons essential accessory!)

Very worryingly I keep hearing about people losing something really important called a mojo so I thought I would name my new bunny mojo and stick him\her in the bottom of my blog so if I ever lose this mysterious mojo I will know where to find it again!

So meet Mojo! You can play with him\her (I haven't checked for anatomy yet!) with your mouse.

adopt your own virtual pet!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Crazy Baby

Isabelle is crawling round or cruising the furniture and getting in to everything! She seems to find lots of things hysterically funny; Mums dog, the word No! (argh) and just lately the camera too - Everytime I try to take her photo she crawls towards me trying to eat the camera and giggling at it - Hence this shot ->

What A Manic Weekend

First of all well done to Fi AKA scrappybunny for organising the UKScrappers Cyber Crop - the event is getting bigger every time and it sure must take some organising. Also well done to Smax who came through and sorted out the techie problems when it looked like all was lost!

I enjoyed the event very much although as I am a slow scrapping kind of girl I didn't really have time to do much chatting as I was too busy trying to get my scrapping done. I enjoyed the classes by Anso and Dawn Evans very much and although I wasn't sure how I would get on with it I also enjoyed Debbie Jewells class. The challenges were fun but I only did quick digi versions for those as I wanted to concentrate on getting my papers LOs scrapped.
Darren was very good and looked after Isabelle for most of the weekend letting me get lots of scrapping done! Last night I sorted out Isabelles album and tried to put it in some kind of order and I was quite chuffed that when I went upstairs to fetch something I came back and found Darren looking through the album and actually enjoying all those layouts!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Does My Bum Look Big In This?!

When I was pregnant I got the idea in my head to use reusable nappies... I bought quite a lot of these adorable cute "Tots Bots" which are shaped like normal nappies but made of fabric. There are plastic and fleece liners to go on top too. Well let's just say 'The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions' theyw ere used but not nearly as much as they should have been to justify the cost. Anyway, Belle is around about the top weight limit for this size so I thought I would snap some pics of her in them with my favourite stripey fleece wrap on. There are quite a few cute pictures but the camera wasn't having a great day (LOL - what I mean is some of them are blurred because I wasn't having a great day) so I am posting this one for you to see. I plan on doing a LO with these nappy pics called "Does My Bum Look Big In This?!" as adorable though these reusable nappies are they do make her look like she has an enormous bottom!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad

On this day 30 years ago my Mum and Dad got married. Only 26 and a quarter years until Darren and I celebrate our thirtieth wedding anniversary!

Monday, April 17, 2006

The Wedding, Easter and WHAT WAS HE THINKING?!?!?!?

First of all ~ The Wedding
I stayed over at Mums on Friday night so I could get to my hair dressers for my 8:45 appointment. Darren took Izzy home on Friday afternoon and I was a bit miserable because he was taking her away for the weekend, to visit his family and some friends. Got my hair cut ~ very nice thank you Michelle! Stopped in at Asda to get some tights in case I couldn't find any at home!

Got ready and was picked up at 12:15 - now I KNOW I am hopelessly disorganised but really - the wedding was only in Chelemsford so half an hour away and it was at 2pm! Nevermind, we stopped off in the pub for some crisps and a drink. The wedding was fab, Hannah looked gorgeous and it all went great (photos to come when I get the film developed... more on the camera bit later!) We took some photos at the church and then went to the reception, unfortunately it started to rain during the photos but they got some shots before it rained too much.

The meal was lovely and as a surprise the Bride and Groom had booked a little three piece band who wandered around between tables taking song requests during the wait for dinner and the first and last courses. The three guys were all older men with a banjo, trombone and trumpet but it was great fun and lots of singing ensued including Amarillo and Rocking All Over The World alongside My Old Man said follow the Van!!!!!!!!! I guess you had to be there. I think I took some band pics too so will put them on later!The reception was great and I stayed out dancing til it finished at 12:30 then got a lift home to my empty house :(

On the plus side I got up on Sunday morning and watched another episode of Desperate Housewives (OK I know I am sooooo behind the times but I didn't watch more than the first three episodes on the TV so Darren gave me the DVDs for my birthday) Thenw ent over to Mums for a roast mmmmmmmmmmm!

Now we get to WHAT WAS HE THINKING?!

Darren had insisted on taking our digi camera away because (and I quote) "What's more important, pictures of your friends wedding or pictures of Isabelle with her Grandparents, Aunite Uncle and our friends who we hardly ever see?" I gave in and borrowed Mums camera (lovely to use but NOT digital) and when he got back I said I wanted to see the pics he had taken of Isabelle and our friends children... "Oh, I forgot I had the camera so I haven't taken ANY pictures!" ARGGGHHHHH Men! I thought I had got him well trained but obviously an intensive refresher course is required!

Hope you all had a great Easter and are not too overdosed on chocolate! We are making the most of Darrens last day before going back to work by going out this afternoon - not sure where but hey, its a magical mystery tour.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Fingers Crossed For Good Weather

I am off to my friends wedding tomorrow in Chelmsford. I am keeping my fingers crossed for great wedding - Hannah has everything planned to a tee no doubt - the only thing left to fall into place is a glorious sunny day. :)

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A Little Pic For Anso

Just uploading a little picture for Anso to look at.
Sorry for the pic quality - not taken in daylight. However you can see it at there are 12 sheets of patterned paper and 6 sheets of Bazzill.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

This Could Be The Start Of A New Addiction

I have been sneaking about lurking in the ATC forum for a while now and I really want to have a go but to be honest I have been trying really hard to resist because a) cash is a little tight right now and I feel like if I am going to start doing them I want to do it properly and buy all the fancy inks and what have you b) My crafting space is my dining room which has a cream carpet - all those inks, a baby and cream carpet seems to spell trouble...

Anyway, Elfin set a challenge to make a digi ATC and I had a lot of fun doing it - I may just have to say stuff the cream carpet and get the ATC stuff anyway!

Here is my digi effort. I love this quote - I am not particularly religious but I do love the sentiment behind the quote.

Thanks for taking a look :)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Woo Hoo - LOTS of new goodies and a LOOOOOOONNNGGGGGG Day!

Well as it is the school holidays and Darren is around to look after Belle we FINALLY managed to go for our Scrapgenie warehouse Day. We were all booked up for this mid January but when they returned from the Christmas break they had been broken in to - so our Warehouse Visit had to be postponed, then there was the new Basic Grey in, then there was Stitches and the orders from that so it got put back and put back...

Well today we went! Robert who runs the warehouse and Caroline who assists him were lovely as usual, we turned up at 11:30a.m and didn't leave til gone 4p.m. - man i love shopping for the site!

We got an absolute tonne of new stuff which I am about to start uploading, Chatterbox, All My Memories, 7 Gypsies, Basic Grey, Prism, Bazzill, Doodlebug and lots more.

Design Team

The next design team kits are going out tomorrow and contain some of the new goodies we got (not telling you what just yet!) I love seeing the submissions come in, all are in for this months bar one and once again they are fabby :) Our design team rocks! Our guest scrapper for April was Cath AKA Coreys Mum and her layouts for the team are gorgeous.

My New Albums for Isabelle

My albums from Anam arrived - They are lovely. I am so pleased for her starting her new adventure but sad that I won't be able to just order some more when I fill these albums. (What am I talking about? As if i will have time to fill these albums with layouts!) Picture is courtesy of Anam. These will follow on beautifully from the pinky purple one that Mum commissioned her to make for me for Christmas :)

Cyber Crops

I am so looking forward to upcoming cyber crops - I am going to make time to just enjoy scrapping some of the hundreds of pictures I have been hoarding. For the UKS cyber crop I am assigned to the Rumba team, as is Mum. Cherry and Hannah were supplying the Eye Candy (no not the I Kan Dee) in the French Quarter Bar with pictures of various pin ups and then Annie got in on the act by turning up with Sawyer! I am liking the fact that this time there is a place where people from different teams can chat and mix - hopefully this is a sign that we are in for a great crop with lovely classes and perhaps just a shade less competitiveness this time around. I don't mind a bit of competitive fun but I am hoping it all stays friendly this time around. HUGE thanks it has to be said must go to Fi AKA Scrappy Bunny and Smax for organising this again, I am sure that it must get more and more complicated to organise each time!

I am also looking forward to trying my hand at altering some stuff this weekend as well as starting a 30 things to do before i am 30 book under the expert tutilage (sp) of Clare. I have ordered in some special supplies, some of it arrived today but I will be stalking the postie for the rest of the week. I am also looking forward to gettig my hands on the lush CherryArte papers from Lou at Scrapkits - mmmm mmmmmm!

Right, I'm off to upload new goodies :)

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Lovely Day at Thurston

We spent yesterday at Nickis crop at Thurston Community centre. We took the shop and spent the day chatting to lovely ladies who were cropping and shopping. I was in such a hurry to get over to Mums on Friday night that I forgot to pack up any page kits so I was extremely jealous of all the ladies scrapping away.

I did get chance to meet some UKS people and was especially pleased to meet my "UKS Foster Daughter" Hannah! She was lovely and although she didn't have her album with her she did show me her entry for Kirstys Scrap Yourself challenge. You can see Hannahs glorious entry here and Wowweeeeee do I have a talented daughter!!!! Her doodling is to die for - both on this layout and on something she was working on at the crop!

I also spent time browsing the albums of others at the crop - Shirley AKA SF34 and Cherry AKA Suffolk Scrapper both let me browse their layouts. I just love to nosey through other peoples albums, it always inspires me to go and try things.

We stayed until 4pm and then headed home but not before I had chance to see the lovely Leah in the flesh again (Shirleys beautiful baby and star of her layouts!) Seeing Leah made me want to rush home to see Izzy who I had missed all day but by the time I got home 6:30pm Darren had put her to bed because she was tired and grumpy :( So I had to settle for a kiss and wait til this morning for a cuddle. Thanks to Nicki for inviting us, I love going to her crops because they are a really friendly bunch of scrappers - hopefully as the last couple at this venue have been successful there will be some more.

I didn't have much chance to sit down before I had to get ready to go out to a colleagues evening Wedding reception. It was lovely - one of those really happy wedding receptions where everyone was having a great time. It was great to meet up with a load of people from school socially instead of at work and I had a really nice evening (except I was driving so I had to stick the to J2O's!) This morning however I have "Hi Ho Silver Lining!" going round and round in my head from last nights disco!
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