Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Irreplacable Friends

Thought I would post another one of my layouts I did over cyber crop weekend. I was allocated to Slytherin House for the CC and luckily we (ATDML) were supplying the Slytherin Mystery kit so I got to have a go at the mystery kit challenge! This photo of "Mr Monkey" and Isabelle was taken in the summer while we were out at the park on the Isle of Wight. Izzy loves her monkey more than any other tou. She takes him to bed with ehr, cuddles him when she is tired and tries to feed him bits of her dinner!!

I decided as she loves him so much I ought to buy a spare one in case any terrible fate should befall Mr Monkey (lost on an outing, sucked and stroked til his stuffing fell out etc...)

Of course Isabelle can tell the difference between the two monkeys and wouldn't have anything to do with the new one! Recently she has started to play with the second one occasionally but he certainly won't do to take to bed or comfort her when she is upset!

Anyway, so thats why this layout was about her favourite, irreplacable friend!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

A Little Something From The Crop

Well I have had a wonderful weekend. My lovely hubby took on Izzy duties all weekend so I could go and crop at Mums. Unfortunately on Saturday we had a storm and the power was down - no computer, no access to classes, no printing, no LIGHT! (Mums house is very dark so we were trying to scrap by candle light!) Luckily the lights and power came on after a while which was handy!

I dod four layouts this weekend, three were classes from UKS and one was just a layout that had been in my head for a while! I have also saved some amazingly good instructions for an exploding box by Anso (am also hoping she will put them on her blog so I can link to them) and soem very cool classes from the Scrap-Pad.

So anyway, as I like to have a picture with my posts I am going to post one layout with each of my next four posts! This one is the one which I have had whirling round my head for a while now. It is really simple but I love it.

Before Izzy was born I was definitely going to use reusable nappies and spent a fortune of some gorgeous shaped terry nappies and the wraps. We did use them a bit but no where near enough to be cost effective (some are still in the drawer unused!!!) but before she outgrew them I had to take a photo of her in one with the rainbow fleece wrap which I love!!!! Of course terry nappies look huge compared to disposables hence the title!

Anyway, think that's about all for now. Happy Thanksgiving to Annie and any other American readers who stop by here.


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Cyber Crop

This weekend is Cyber Crop weekend on UKScrappers AND on the Scrap Pad. I am hoping to multi task and do as much of both as I can possibly manage! Will upload my little creations after the mayhem has finished!

Friday, November 17, 2006


Izzy and I went for a walk in Castle Park today. One of the nicest things about living in Colchester is the lovely park. The leaves are all yellow and golden and I had to snap some pictures of Isabelle in the park.

We had a blast playing in the leaves and splashing in the puddles in her funky pink wellies. The only problem was she then decided to splash her hands in the puddle and her lovely pink hat with the ear warmer bits - it isn't so pretty now it has puddle juice all over it!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Circle Journal Entry

So here is my entry in my Circle Journal. The journal is all about songs and lyrics. I chose the song Dream A Llittle Dream. The first time I heard it they were using it on a car advert! I love this song and had so much fun messing around with paint, acetate masks and rub ons. The tag pulls out and has the song lyrics printed on it.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Fun with paint and ink!

Wow - I have really been having fun with paint, ink and modge podge! I am in a circle journal group with some girls from the pad and I have created my journal based on song lyrics.

The first picture is the front cover of the journal. I printed some script paper then masked off areas with cardstock cut into swirls while I stamped and inked the areas differently. I love the Tim Holtz stamps I used. (PAisley at the top and harlequin at the bottom. They don't show so well in the front picture but better on the back. Then I masked the title and the heart with Heidi Swapp masks and painted with yumyy Jo Sonja paints. Finally I doodled with pen adn with glossy accents, added the delish crackle accents over the red and when that was dry I covered it all with two coats of modge podge mixed with a bit of bronze paint.

For my intor page I wanted to keep it simple so I used lots of green paint, stamped the "Be Yourself" Tim Holtz stamp onto aseparate piece of painted cardstock. Added the title in "Bottle Top Letter Stickers" and printed our my (brief) instructions onto white cardstock and stuck them down.

At this point I will admit to a blatant disregard for EVERYTHING I learned on my photo course - or so it seems! Unfortunately the intro page pic is out of focus because the shutter speed was too slow and there's a bit of camera shake. uh oh - well it is packaged and sent now so will have to re photograph when it returns!

Will upload the inside entry I did later on tonight or tomorrow.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

More Pictures From Our Trip To Norfolk

Just updating with a few more pictures from my holiday

Izzy getting to grips with the finer points of eating a soft ice cream cone (just in case Annabel Karmel is reading my blog - this was my ice cream, she just got a lick so I could take messy child pictures!) At home Isabelle has a bath every night and loves it, on holiday she was very suspicious of the bath and refused to sit down in it - she played about standing up (with Darren holding on to her, but trying to get her to sit down resulting in wails and squeals!
Last one for today - our afternoon trip to Cromer was better than I expected. It was a lot prettier than I thought and the pier was really lovely.

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