Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Cool Stuff at the Ranger Booth Part 2 Plus A2Z

So, back to the Ranger booth! I finished chatting to Claudine and went off to meet Michele our new freight forwarder. Anyway, after we had met and chatted back I went past Ranger nd saw another demo going on. This time it was of course Tim Holtz demonstrating some of their newer products in a variety of ways. As always he was very inspiring and made me want to go straight hom, get out some inks and go create something. Always, I think, the sign of a good teacher in any context. Here he is in black and white but witha splash of colour.

The tag in this photo is being done with Heidi Swap masks (we hope to have some of these in stock soon) and distress ink diluted with water in Ragers mister bottles. You fill them with water, add a drop of ink from the re inker, shake well and get sraying!

Here's a close up of another tag he was making.

OK, onto more products! Wegot a lot of e mails telling us to go to the A2Z booth. So we did! The cool thing at this stand was they had 14 new paper collections but each one was a mini collection. There are 6 different designs in each collection and they are on double sided paper. So you could buy the whole collection on three sheets although most people would buy 6 sheets so they could get maximum use out of all the designs. As I said they have 14 new collections premiering at CHA and the photo ust shows 3 of them (I put a different three on our site and I will probably put another three on the ATDML blog.) ONe of the other great things about this company is their designs are SO varied. They go from really fun doodley \ drawn type designs like the sunburst one i the middle, to quite sophisticated designs like the Asiana shown on our website.
Right, so I kind of know what lots of you guys are really clamouring to see - pics of the BG stand! So I think blogger will freak if I add more pictures to this post so I will do BG next I promise!!

Cool Stuff at the Ranger Stand Part 1

We order our Ranger products from their UK distributor so we weren't planing on doing anything except stoping by to pick up a catalogue on the Ranger booth but we spent ages there! We didn't place an order although we will be getting some of their cool new stuff.

The first time I walked past there was someone sitting workig at the demo desk with no one around her. Being a nosey person I sauntered over to have a look. She was making these cute little collage art doll \ poppets... so I have a look at her badge. Wow, I was sanding there chatting to THE Claudine Helmuth.

Of course I had to have my photo taken with her and she told me that althugh she was demonstrating on the Ranger booth (using beeswax in the melt pot) she had her own rnge of poppet stamps ad scenery papers at another booth. I stopped by and took some pictures there too. I love the poppet ranges but I can't say for sure how "alternative" they are and as it was the end of the day we have the catalogue but idn't order. If you are one of those people who love this style and would like to see the range (poppet stamps - arms, legs and feet,clothing etc... plus the poppet scenery papers) in the shop please drop me an e mail They also had oneof the coolest things I saw at the show - a "become a life sized popet" facility! Well ok it was a big popet in a scene printed onto a lare vinyl sheet with a hole where the head is. As I was stopping by the stand on my own I didnt have Mum to take a picture of me behind it. I did however play just a little i photoshop to put my head in the picture. It's a very slap dash attempt but it was funny.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Totally Inspired And Excited

Not only are there so many lush products around to tempt us but most stands also hae a stunning array of art work to inspire you. I adore this little book from the 7 Gypsies stand.

The wall of layouts on Elsies stand (I think I already posted a picture of the green wall - there were two other walls done the same way with different layouts) is also delicious and there were some beauriful layouts at many of the stands.

The Crate paper which blogger didn't want me to post yesterday is here

plus some gorgeous stuff from Autumn Leaves. I love their books, and their stamp and they have some amazing overlays (some cool new designs)

I am really excited about the things we have ordered so far. I think (ad hope) we have got a good mix of products to appeal to scrappers of all levels of experience and to people wth a wide variety of tastes. I guess the customers will be the judge of that!

More Stuff!

Another busy day at the show. We went to place the orders we compiled last night first, then looked round some more of the stands. There is seriously far too much stuff here to see everything in detail.

I haven't snapped anymore photos of celebrity scrappers although I have seen Heidi Swap, Keilli Crowe and while we were rushing off to order something i saw Emily Falconbridge browsing the stands with Tara Whitney! I was sorely tempted to go and speak to them, after all Tara is someone whose blog I read all the time but I resisted the urge as I didn't want to interupted them whil they browsed the show. I'm guessing they get bugged by quite a lot of people whilst out and about at scrap shows.

I have to say I don't know who half of the other personalities are!!! I was waiting for this woman to give me a catalogue and tell me about products, she'djust gt back with the catalogue when this American lady walks up and starts gushing "Oh my gosh! I am just a small town girl from Louisiana and I am so honoured to meet you. Can you sign my show guide? Can I have a photo taken with you?? etc.." Well I was on te Anna Griffin stand and looking at the womans badge her name was Anna. Ok so the penny dropped. Like I said though, I have no idea about most of these "celebrities!"

Right, products. I did take somemore photos. I love the stamps on these tags I picked up at one of the stands. If you love them too, or several others in the range then good. Pop on over to ur store whe the boxes come rolling in!

We read the e mails people sent and have signed up for accounts and placed orders with several companies people requested. All will of course be revealed in the fullness of time!

We were browsng the new exhibitors hall and came across a pair of guys who some people may be familiar wih - yes it is non other than Alan and Barry! Actually Alan (or was it Barry?) was taking a restroom break when I took this photo, but if you wondered whatever happeed to Alan and Barry - now you know!

We of course went to visit the Crate stand. They are premiering new lines agan this show - the one in the picture is Brunch. I have more new Crate pictures to follow. Once again apologies for the picture quality. When i get home and can spend a bit of time editing all of them up via the RAW files I have I hope to have some better images. Unfortunately though, to avoid using flash I have had to use a hih ISO so the are grainier than I would ideally like.

Grrr - blogger clearly doesn't like Crate - will try again later with that.

Bye for now!

Monday, January 29, 2007

CHA, Sore Feet and Yummy Products!

We spet today (It's stil Sunday here just!) walking the halls of the Anaheim convention Center. Starting in the New Exhibitors hall we collected brochures, chatted to people working the stands and plotted what goodies to buy!

I couldtell you evrything we have ordered or are going to order but then I would have to kill you - well actually I wouldn't do that, it's too mean, but it would spoil the surprise!!

I have got some show pictures though. I have a distinctly tired and unglamourous looking me next to the energy oozing and impeccably turned out Elsie Flannigan.

Her new line, Love, Elsie, is premiering here at the KI memories stand. Well actually Elsie has her own stand next door and there is a 50's style kitchen set up where she is doing make n takes at the kitchen table! Very cute - I haven't photograped my actual make n take but there are some piccies of Elsies stand.

We also saw Anna at the Zsiage stand. She was working hard and gave us her sales pitch! She didn't have to try too hard as they have some great stuff on their stand too. It was great to catch up with her and chat for a while. She is very busy this week and I don't envy her schedule. She is working at the show in the day, then teaching every night this week from tomorrow.

I think I may be pushing my luck wit Blogger if I ask it to upload any more photos on this post. I have got a few 7 Gypsies piccies already uploaded to the ATDML welcome page if you need to see more! I am off to bed now, it's nearly midnight and we are up again for another show day in a few hours. I will try to get a few more pictures from today online here before I leave tomorrow... Night Night!!!!

Disney Visit

OK so I am behind on my blogging! We've just got in from our first day t CHA but I will do a separate post with details of that. Yesterday we went to Disney for the day. We had a one day park hopper ticket and first stop was Disneys Califoria Adventure where I was dying to do "Soarin' Over California" I loved it and so did Mum despite nearly backing out in the line. We both agreed this was the best ride of the day!

Mr Monkey continued his adventures meeting various characters including the great mouse himself! Plenty of people asked about the monkey so we had to explain he was going to star in a new book! Someone even asked if monkeys like him were on sale in the park because they wanted one!

We spent time in both parks just taking in the Disney atmosphere, then we watched the illuminated parade and went to get dinner before the fireworks. There were huge queues for dinner but eventually we got in an Italian restaurant in Downtown Disney. We both had Rigatoni Bolognaise. It was good! No dessert as we couldn't fit one in but we had already eaten lovely enormous chocolate coated strawberries in Californian Adventure.

We went back to the park to watch the freworks but when we got there a Cast Member told us they were cancelled due to high winds!!! Well they have a very interesting definition of high winds!!!! We said it was a shame and it wasn't that windy but she pointed to the flag fluttering gently in the breeze as if it should be self explanatory! Shame. I love Disney fireworks and as they only do them on Friday and Saturday here in off peak season we won't see any :(

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sweetpeas Pictures

Here goes trying to upload some pictures of the gorgeous Sweeteas store. If anyone is ever going to LA we recomend this store :) 11726 West Pico Blvd. Don't ask for directions (Karen!!) We took a shuttle from our hotel - well to me we took a cab but apparently this is a different thing! The driver was very nice but the traffic wasn't!

They had washing lines with stuff pegged up and little corners of loveliness!

Here's what Anna will see when she goes to teach there on Wednesday night - all the tables set out with water bottles, green apples and flowers. So cute.

We just loved browsing all the products set out amongst various vintae bits and peces and craft object. There was a divine album made out of fabric on display, All the pages were like canvas with photos printed or tranferred on with sewn embelishments and buttons. Mum is so mad at me for not taking a photograph! I did get some of the mini dress display manequins with paper skirts, or prima boices though. This one has a collage bodice with various words type paper.

Saturday, January 27, 2007


After I blogged and posted on various forums and sent e mails this morning we went out to find breakfast. We had a walk around and got our bearings, picked up some tour leaflets on the way and ended up at a Dennys Diner for breakfast. When I went to Florida something I really loved were the biscuits - not biscuits like we have back home but things that looked like scones but were light and fluffy inside. Needless to say my breakfast included those!

We had a bit of a fiasco with the phones. We have $25 worth of different phone cards and we still can't get through to the UK. The guys in the tourist office tried to help but to no avail. I was really disappointed as we had worked out what time to call so I could speak to Isabelle. Although she doesn't really talk she likes listening on the phone and will sing to someone on the phone and I was dying to hear her little voice. Plus I also wanted to chat to Darren. I will try again tomorrow (Saturday - I am writing this on Friday evening even though I think blogger will register it as being posted on Saturday)

Anyway, after all the faffing we decided to save Disney til tomorrow so we couldmake the most of the opening times. Instead we decided to go into LA and check out a scrapbook store. I had planed on trying to locate one of the big chains like Michaels or Jo Anns but Anna had mentionned a couple of stores she was teaching at so we decided to check out Sweetpeas and Snapshots.... It was GORGEOUS!

We met the lovely Mary and her assistant who I am so cross to have forgotten the name of, I want to say she was called Pauline but I may be dreaming that part. Mary chatted with us for a while and mentionned that the store was low on stock as they were getting ready to order at CHA but I have to say we found lots of wonderful goodies to buy!!!!!!

They have an area set out for classes and the tables looked so cute all ready. They had pink tulips in the middle and each place had a bottle of water and a green apple. The store was set out with a vintage look with loads of bits and pieces of old furniture and objects to display the products. It was really refreshing to wander round and browse in a store set out like no other store I have been to.

We bought lots, of course, and found out from Mary that she too was staying at the Anabella which is where we are!

We have now sorted what we are doing for the rest of the week. We have Disne Tickets which we are going to use tomorrow and have booked a sight seeing tour for Wednesday - we decided we couldn't visit LA without going to see Manns Chinese Theater, The Hollywood Sign and Rodeo Drive amongst others.

Blogger has chosn today to refuse to allow me to upload any pictures which is a shame as we have some shots of Sweetpeas and of course of my breakfast!!!!! Will try again later or tomorrow to get some pictures on here.

Friday, January 26, 2007

We're Here!

My packing DID get done, although we didn't leave for the airport hotel until 11pm!!!!!!! We stayed overnight before our flight at the Thistle hotel near Heathrow -we booked via holiday extras and got parking included but we weren't very impressed with this hotel - it was GROTTY but as we got there at around 2:30am and got an alarm call at 7 am we weren't there long!

The flight was delayed a bit but it was very good with very little turbulance. We bumped into Lorraine from Just a Memory and Margaret and Emma from Artbase on the same flight - Margaret and Emma enjoyed slightly more spacious accommodation than we did in bog standard economy! US immigration was slow in the extreme but we finally got to the desk, were finger printed, iris scanned and allowed to enter.

We took a shuttle from LAX to Anaheim but getting out of LA at five oclock isn't fun. We finally got to Anaheim at about 6:30 local time - 2:30 a.m. UK time. We checked into our hotel then got a quick dinner before crashing out! It's 8:15a.m. ad we have a spare day today so we are off out, maybe to Disney, maybe somewhere else! Who knows. Show registration starts tomorrow so we will get the floor plan and start planning our route round the stands and essental stops! Wish us luck.

Anyone who has read my blog before will know who Mr Monkey is! (Isabelles favourite toy who she won't sleep without. You probably also know about the spare Monkey which looks the same but that she won't make do with. So I brought the Spare Monkey with us to LA - I am going to photograph him around and about to make her a little book of Mr Monkey in LA (she loves books and Elizabeth could do with a new one to read to her!!! So anyway, the picture is Mr Monkey on the flight carefully reading the safety card! Picture quality isn't great as I have my camera set to hoot RAW and basic jpeg - I don't have my RAW editing on this laptop so will properyl edit when we get home. Until then the basic low quality jpegs will have to do on the blogs and website. Be sure to check out the ATDML blog and our home page regularly while we are away as they are all being updated and I will spread any photos, especially of new stash, around these three places.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Still not packed! (started but not anywhere near finished)

Got to work today.

Got to go collect Izzy from Mums after school.

We leave tonight.

Panicked? Me? NOOOOOOOO! (well ok maybe just a little.)

Will post a proper entry with pictures and stuff later when I am all calm, the packing is done, Izzy is in bed and I am waiting for Mum to come collect me!


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Finally Finished This Off

During the epic sort out I have found a couple of layouts which I started and never finished. I really wanted to try out "Simple" Scrapbooking after being inspired by Cathy Zielskes book so there is really not much to this page - it is surprising however how long it takes to geteverything just right even with a simple page!

I used Christina Cole Rainbow Stripes 1 for the coloured stripey sections (it's the more muted of the two rainbow stripes papers), Black Prism cardstock, Doodlebug Sew Simple letters for Rhythm and AMM white rub ons for Baby You've Got (and that was the unfinished part - I added that part and hey presto it's done.) Wow this Simple lark is not as easy as it sounds! Pictures were taken ages ago and I need to look up the date so it can go in the right place in my album!

3 days and counting til I go away... I finally went out and bought a few new clothes to wear. The budget is pretty tight at the moment and I decided to go for value for money and shop in the Supermarket clothing section! But I have to admit I am quite pleased with my purchases and got some nice stuff! Darren thinks I am mad for buying clothes to take, he said I should have saved the money and bought clothes when I got there but I won't have time for that kind of shopping. We are planning a day at Disney and perhaps another excursion of some sort and the rest of the time we will be pounding the floors of the convention center!

Friday, January 19, 2007

It Worked - I Scrapped!

Well having the new storage and moving my stuff downstairs has worked. For the first time in ages I scrapped a layout. The relocation of the scrapping stuff is still underway but I took time out to test out my new organised scrap area and created this layout. I used Scenic Route Cape Town papers and co-ordinating Bazzill. As is my ongoing "policy" I have included hand journaling and although the layout is far from perfect it feels great to be scrapping again. I have to say Izzy looks a bit odd in this photo as she is a bit squashy looking trying to get out of the car when I was trying to take the picture. Susanna however is quite possibly the most photogenic child ever and looks gorgeous as ever!

Went to the bank today to change the ATDML account from Sole Trader in Mums name to full partnership - so there's something you didn't know, officially until today I wasn't a partner in ATDML which is kind of sad. But now I am (though it was my own idea not to be until now as I didn't want the added hassle but the recent acquisition of a proper accountant has eased my worries!)

I am STILL not feeling organised for the trip to LA, I did take Elizabeth on a trial run to show her how to get to the two places that Izzy wil be going during the day while I am away as she will be doing some of the ferrying to and fro of Little Miss Isabelle. Oh and before we went on the reconnaissance mission we went for a bite to eat in Stada... Yummy food as usual (especially the melting chocolate essert) but why oh why do I have to find that the occupants of the next table include a child I teach on my day at school. I love children, really I do, but when I want a silly girly meal out I don't want to be seated next to the pupils!

We still have a few places left on the retreat - I meant to post lots more about it but I don't seem to have got around to it. All the details are on our welcome page and when I get back from CHA I will post a long post with tonnes of details I promise! Talking of posts and CHA, we are taking the laptop and the camera so hopefully I will be able to post on here, the ATDML blog and on our website with a few pictures and updates of what we have been up to!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

One Week and Counting

This time in one week I will be somewhere over the Atlantic! (photo was taken out of the window on our way to Florida in 2004 also with Virgin) Because we are going for the business and DH and Izzy are not coming too I haven't had that holiday feeling where you keep counting down to the day you go. I am really looking forward to it but on the other hand I am worried about missing Isabelle. I obviously want her to be fine and have a lovely time (which she will as she is with my friend Jo and her kids in the day for most of the time and then with another friend Sarah and her little boy for the last two days) but I also don't want to get home and find she has forgotten me! You know, walk in, Hi Izzy!!... long pause and Izzy babbles in toddler language"Sorry who are you again?!"

Anyway, I am trying to work out what I actually need to be doing before I go and I'm not getting far! I have found my passport and checked for the fiftieth time that it is in date (doesn't expire til 2014 when I will be 35 YIKES!) I have oprinted off some discount vouchers for the Anaheim resort shuttle bus to get from LAX to our hotel and I have pre arranged a lunch meet with Michelle our freight forwarder. That's it, nothing else done at all!

I KNOW there is plenty I should be doing but I can't think what it is! Answers on a postcard...!

Oh and while I was typing this entry I was also flicking to anoter window and browsing the Virgin site - I looked at the in flight movie guide - Can yuo believe they are showing "Snakes on a Plane" Somehow I doubt I will be watching that to keep me amused!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

It's Filling Up!

A bit more stash sorting last night and the shelves are filling up. I went through loads of stuff and sifted through what I love, what I loathe and what I can't understand why I have! Before I had scrapped a page I decided I loved the SEI Synergy and Sassy ranges. I don't hate them now or anything but when I found I had FOUR sheets - yes count them FOUR sheets of many of the sheets some of them I realised I may have been a bit nuts. When I started (again before doing a apage) I decided I only ever wanted to do double layouts so that opposite pages co-ordinated - so I had to buy in multiples of two and then as I really liked the paper I bought two lots of two - crazy! The times I actually ever scrapped a double layout can be counted on one hand I think!

Anyway, we also had a panic as I couldn't find a whole load of my paper - cue panic phone call to Mum who reminded me I had left a box of my 12x12 at hers when I went there to scrap during the cyber crops! Phew - I haven't lost it all!

Unfortunately the bits that still need sorting are the piles of stuff I didn't know what to do with so I think although lots of it has been done the last bit is going to be the hardest to sort... Wish me luck!

Monday, January 15, 2007

New Storage!

So after all my posts on here reminding myself that I need to get my stuff downstairs and organised I broached the subject of where to put it all with Darren. It was upstairs on an old Argos workstation - in piles of disorganised mess!

I had found threads on the PAd and on UKS about "The Expedit" from IKEA and I decided that was The One! To my surprise Darren didn't even flinch when I suggested yesterday that I "needed" to go to IKEA. (Probably because he knew I would take Elizabeth and he would be spared the ordeal while he looked after Isabelle.

So four hours later (an hour each way plus two hours negotiating the last day of the IKEA sale crammed with every person in the world it seemed) I returned triumphant! Well maybe not triumphant, I was supposed to get the Beech one as it would go better but having trawled round the whole store, got to the designated area in the warehouse (Aisle 22 location 4) there was a choice of white or birch - beech and black\brown were out of stock. There was no way I was doing a repeat trip just to get a specific colour so we now have birch!

I LOVE IT! Elizabeth and I spent the evening trying to sort my stash. With a pile for e bay, a pile to take to Mums for the communal family supplies box and of course huge piles to organise on my beautiful new shelves. It isn't finished yet, I promise proper pictures when it is but for now here are my beautiful bargain blossom jars (Spice Jars - 4 for £1.99) in their own little cubby hole. I think jars filled with colour sorted blossoms and buttons must be just one of lifes HAPPY THINGS!!

Friday, January 12, 2007

New Banner

Inspired by my lovely and super talented friend Clare I decided it was time for a makeover for my blog. I didn't have time to go fiddling with the template much but I did have a play at creating a digi collage for a new banner. I'm quite chuffed with the results but to see the amazing banner that Clare made for her blog look HERE.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Excited and Poorly

For a few months now we have been keeping quiet about our next exciting project; an ATDML Retreat and now it has finally been announced. It is going to take place in November 2007 and I am working hard on making it fab!

I am really excited about the teachers we have lined up, the venue and all the delegates that have signed up so far. All the details are on our welcome page (link is in the sidebar) There are still a few places left so if you are interested check out the details and drop me an e mail.

Anyway, I was trying to think what I have been up to to blog about and actually I feel like I have been in a small gap in time! I have had a yucky bug and done virtually nothing for a couple of days although I felt a bit better today so Belle and I took a jaunt to Mothercare world in Ipswich so I could indulge myself buying pretty small person clothes!

Funny how where I once would have gone out and bought a top for me as a bit of retail therapy now I go out and buy miniature clothing for Izzy - my wardrobe is still full of the same old same old!

Hmmm - will come back tomorrow with a post with some pictures, either photos or layouts. STILL haven't got around to sorting out the scrap stuff! Was hoping that by posting it on here I would make myself get sorted... was worth a try I guess.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Playing At Digi!

Well I searched for the Shabby Princess kits I downloaded in 2005 - wow now we are in 2007 I can say that was TWO years ago!!!! (the lovely Urban Kiwi and Fall 2004 kits) and added to them with "Dinner party" and just got on and played.

The photo isn't the greatest but I love it! Izzy was reading to her Monkey, the light was POOR and I had to up the ISO AND break a golden rule with shutter speed but do you know what; sometimes it's great to get a brilliant shot but this was one of those "I don't care I just want to snap this moment" times!

Apart from a couple of digi elements I made myself I think most of it is from If you are even remotely interested in playing with digi it is a must visit site. For me I just love playing with paper and digi doesn't give me the same buzz, but I totally get how much work goes in to some of the fantastic digi layouts I have seen on UKS and the Pad. Of cours eI still haven't brought all my paper stuff downstairs so this filled a bit of time last night and this evening.

*** Note To Self - Get On With Bringing Stash Downstairs! ***

Sunday, January 07, 2007

A Cunning Plan

OK I am REALLY missing scrapping. Since Christmas DH has moved all his stuff up to the spare room where my scrapping stuff is. That means NO room to do anything. So I am thinking of moving it all downstairs again. At least then I will get to use it!

Inspired by Kirstys blog post about her exploits with Shabby Princess digi kits I have dug out the digi kits I downloaded from them and might have a go as an interim measure until I get the paper and embellies downstairs and sorted!


In the meantime I thought I might decorate my blog posts with some old layouts that haven't been up here. I thought I would put these two which have pictures of the babies in our baby group. It's so funny to look back at them now. All of them are now between 19 and 20 months now and have changed so much (duh! Obviously!)

I HOPE that soon I will have a layout with a new picture of them all as we had some taken recently which were really fun, but for now here are the babies aged 3 weeks-two months and then again aged 3-4months. As usual the scanning is not perfect and the first one is straight - honest!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

OK Just One More Post With Christmas Photos!

You may remember the layout I did of Isabelle and 'Mr Monkey' - he is her favourite cuddly toy and she loves him to death. She can't of course say Mr or Monkey and for ages we wondered when our daughter had turned into Vicki Pollard as she kept on saying "minger!" It was only when "Minger" became "Munger" that we twigged she was talking about her monkey! Oh the joys of toddlers learning to speak. Anyway, I digress! Here is Mr Monkey in festive attire! Closely followed by Belle wearing a party hat and unwrapping presents with my cousin Elizabeth (who has the patience of a saint as Isabelle takes piles of books over to her and sits on the sofa thrusting the same story over and over again at Elizabeth for her to read!!!!).

Oh and last but not least there is a picture of the bauble I painted before Christmas. Last year we painted a plate and a bauble with Izzys footprint on it and this year we did a plate with her hand prints. (The less said about the handprint bauble attempt the better!) But I also indulged myself by sitting in All Fired Up in Colchester merrily painting baubles with Elizabeth, listening to Christmas music and feeling festive (Darren had taken Isabelle home and put her to bed by this point in case you are wondering what I did with her while I faffed about painting! Anyway, here is one of the results!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Food Photos!

I just had to post these - well I blogged about Sausage and Mash didn't I amd if I did an entry about that it would be rude not to blog about my Mums fantastic New Year buffet.

I was reading on a blog (or was it a forum?) about what things really make you think of Christmas and for me a lovely buffet is one of those things. The food all laid out on plates and the smell of cold meats, salad and bread. mmmmm!

So here's a few snaps of our New Years Eve buffet!
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